Given the major changes and rapid technological development in the modern times particularly the emergence of mobile phones, watches have somewhat lost their traditional value as time indicating devices. Today, beyond merely showing the time, they find new purpose of use as fashionable accessories that create value-added and enhance the personality of individuals.

As such, watches have attracted rapidly increasing demand as one of the accessories adding the perfect finishing touch to the overall look; thus paving the way for SWC’s rebirth as a fast growing company.

By actively responding to such changes and fashion trends, SWC seeks to satisfy customer needs through aggressive investment, by launching a wide range of products, advertising and promotions using various media. We are determined to revolutionize the watch industry as a leading company by reinforcing brand value and earning raves in overseas markets.

Full of hope and ready for any challenge, we shall welcome the future by trying to make the world a happier and richer place for customers through continuing investments in the R&D field, outstanding craftsmanship, and enhanced brand value that embraces change and innovation.

Thank you.